10 April Fool SMS Pranks to Brighten Your Day!

  1. Prank 1: “Hey, guess what? They just announced a ‘Gravity-Free Day.’ Enjoy floating around today! #AprilFool”
  2. 😂 Prank 2: “Breaking News: The floor is now lava! Quick, find higher ground! Just kidding, happy April Fool’s Day!”
  3. 📱 Prank 3: “Text your friends: ‘I just won a million dollars!’ Wait for their hilarious reactions. #AprilFoolSMS”
  4. 🧸 Prank 4: “Send a pic of a cute puppy with the caption ‘Meet my new pet lion!’ Watch the confusion unfold.”
  5. 👻 Prank 5: “Text: ‘I think I saw a ghost in your backyard last night.’ Prepare for spooky responses! 👻 #AprilFool”
  6. 🚗 Prank 6: “Send a message: ‘I just saw your car being towed away!’ Don’t worry; it’s just a prank!”
  7. 🧦 Prank 7: “Tell your friends you’ve invented ‘self-tying shoelaces.’ Watch them try it out! 😄 #AprilFoolSMS”
  8. 🎉 Prank 8: “Text: ‘You won a trip to the moon!’ Wait for their intergalactic excitement. 🚀🌕”
  9. 🐍 Prank 9: “Send a snake emoji and say, ‘Guess what I found in my backyard?’ Anticipate the snake-themed jokes!”
  10. 🤖 Prank 10: “Text: ‘My phone just turned into a robot and started dancing!’ 🤖💃 Share the laughter! #AprilFool”

Happy April Fool’s Day! Have a blast pranking your friends and spreading laughter with these hilarious 10 April Fool SMS Pranks messages. Remember, it’s all in good fun! 😄🎉

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