1st Anniversary SMS

In the journal of time, a year’s story we’ve penned,
1st anniversary bliss, our love’s journey begins.
With each passing day, our love’s flame grew,
Happy 1st Anniversary, my darling, I’m forever with you.

Through 365 days of laughter and tears,
In your embrace, I’ve conquered my fears.
Hand in hand, we’ve embraced life’s tether,
One year down, a lifetime together.

Your smile, a beacon in my darkest night,
In your love, I find my guiding light.
So here’s to us, this love’s sweet rhyme,
Forever and always, together, for all time.

In your arms, I’ve found my truest home,
In your love, I’ll never again need to roam.
Happy 1st Anniversary, my dear, my heart’s delight,
Forever with you, my love takes flight.

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