After Break up Text Messages

In the aftermath of our goodbye’s embrace,
I hope you find your own special place.
To heal, to grow, and to find your way,
Through the night and into the day.

The echoes of our love may linger a while,
But I believe in your strength, your bright smile.
You’re resilient, my friend, and you’ll see,
A world of possibilities, wild and free.

Though we’ve parted, please remember this,
In the tapestry of life, you’re not amiss.
You’ll find love and joy in unforeseen ways,
In the sunshine’s warmth and moon’s soft haze.

Lean on friends and family, they’re near,
To wipe away every lingering tear.
I’m here too, if you ever need to talk,
To walk with you through the shadows and walk.

This is not the end, just a different start,
A chance to mend, a brand new part.
Believe in yourself, in your strength so true,
And know in your heart, I wish the best for you.

With warmth and hope for your journey ahead,

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