Anniversary SMS in English

In the pages of time, our love’s sweet tale,
Anniversary wishes, like a ship with a sail.
With each passing year, our love does grow,
Happy Anniversary, let our hearts’ warmth show.

Through life’s highs and lows, we’ve been side by side,
In your loving arms, all fears subside.
Hand in hand, we’ve weathered all kinds of weather,
Together forever, our love’s boundless tether.

Your smile, a beacon in my darkest night,
In your love, I find my guiding light.
So here’s to us, in love’s embrace we’ll twine,
Forever and always, my darling, be mine.

In your arms, I’ve found my truest home,
In your love, I’ll never more roam.
Happy Anniversary, my love, my life,
Forever with you, through joy and strife.

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