April Fool SMS for Friends

On this day of jests and tricks so sly,
I thought of a playful prank to try.
But remember, my friend, it’s all in fun,
Let’s celebrate April Fool’s Day, everyone!

Happy April Fool’s Day, dear friend!

    • 🌟 “Here’s a prank, so clever and neat, don’t worry; it won’t leave a mark or a beat. Just laugh it off and keep your cool; after all, it’s April Fool’s Day, my April tool!”
    • 🎁 “In the world of jokes and funny schemes, let’s share some laughs and crazy dreams. May this day bring giggles galore; it’s all in good fun, that’s for sure!”
    • 🚀 “Life’s too short to be serious, my friend; let’s enjoy the laughter that April Fool’s Day can send. With a twinkle in your eye and a smile so wide, let’s celebrate with joy, side by side.”
    • 🌈 “In this playful day, where pranks take flight, remember it’s all about delight. So, here’s a chuckle, a wink, and a jest; Happy April Fool’s Day, my mischievous best!”
    • 🎈 “A day to share some humor and glee, with you, my friend, it’s always a spree. So, let’s play along, have a laugh, and grin; April Fool’s Day is where we begin!”

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