Latest April Fools SMS 2024

Latest 40+ April Fools SMS 2024

here are some April Fools’ Day SMS messages that you can use for 2024:

  1. “Breaking news: Gravity has been disabled for the next hour! Just kidding, Happy April Fools’ Day!”
  2. “I just heard they’re adding an extra day to April! Oh wait, that’s just a prank. Happy April Fools’ Day!”
  3. “I tried to microwave my phone for a quick charge. April Fools! Don’t try this at home.”
  4. “Hey, I have some shocking news – unicorns have been discovered! Oh wait, that’s just my April Fools’ Day imagination. Have a great one!”
  5. “I accidentally spilled invisible ink all over this text. Happy April Fools’ Day! Hope you can read through the prank.”
  6. “Breaking news: Cats can now speak fluent human! Just kidding, but wouldn’t that be purr-fect? Happy April Fools’ Day!”
  7. “I’ve just won a trip to Mars! Just kidding, but I’m aiming high this April Fools’ Day. Have a fun-filled one!”
  8. “Important announcement: The floor is now made of trampolines! April Fools’ – but wouldn’t that be bounce-tastic?”
  9. “Guess what? I’ve discovered a hidden treasure map! Just kidding, but you’re a treasure! Happy April Fools’ Day!”
  10. “I’ve decided to switch our roles today. I’m now the boss, and you get the day off! April Fools! But let’s have a great day nonetheless!”
  11. “Just heard the news! They’re making it illegal to eat chocolate on April Fools’ Day! Kidding – indulge and have a sweet day!”
  12. “Warning: The government just announced that laughter is contagious today! Have a joyful and laughter-filled April Fools’ Day!”
  13. “I’ve got a top-secret message for you. It’s April Fools’ Day – handle with laughter!”
  14. “Breaking news: I just won the lottery! Kidding, but the real treasure is having you in my life. Happy April Fools’ Day!”
  15. “I decided to spend my day speaking only in emojis! Just kidding – happy April Fools’ Day! 😜🎉”
  16. “Just heard they’re introducing a ‘reverse gravity’ day! April Fools’ – but imagine bouncing off the ceiling!”
  17. “I discovered a way to make time stand still. Oh wait, it’s just an April Fools’ Day prank! Enjoy every moment!”
  18. “Important announcement: I’ve become a professional prankster today! Brace yourself for April Fools’ Day fun!”
  19. “Heard a rumor that you’ve won a lifetime supply of laughter! Oh, wait, that’s just April Fools’ Day kicking in!”
  20. “I’m officially declaring today National Silly Day! April Fools’ – but let’s embrace the silliness!”
  21. “Breaking news: The floor is lava! Just kidding, but let’s walk on sunshine this April Fools’ Day!”
  22. “My pet rock just spoke its first words! April Fools’ – but it sure knows how to rock a prank!”
  23. “I’ve decided to become a professional jokester. April Fools’ – but I’m ready to spread smiles!”
  24. “Breaking news: I’ve discovered a time machine! Kidding – but wouldn’t that be an epic April Fools’ prank?”
  25. “I’m challenging you to a laugh-off! April Fools’ – let’s see who cracks up first!”
  26. “Just saw a unicorn outside! April Fools’ – but wouldn’t that be a magical start to the day?”
  27. “I’ve invented an invisible cloak! April Fools’ – but wouldn’t it be great for surprise visits?”
  28. “I’ve decided to speak only in rhymes today! April Fools’ – but have a poetic and fun-filled day!”
  29. “Breaking news: Today has been declared a ‘Pun-ishing’ day! April Fools’ – but prepare for pun-tastic jokes!”
  30. “I just enrolled in a ninja training program! April Fools’ – but watch out for surprise pranks!”
  31. “Important announcement: I’m officially an expert at making silly faces! April Fools’ – let’s get goofy!”
  32. “Just heard they’re giving out free smiles today! Oh wait, that’s just April Fools’ Day. Keep smiling!”
  33. “I’ve decided to become a professional prank call artist today! April Fools’ – but expect some giggles!”
  34. “Breaking news: I found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Kidding – but you’re my treasure. Happy April Fools’ Day!”
  35. “I’m swapping all my clothes with clown costumes today! April Fools’ – but get ready for a colorful surprise!”
  36. “I’ve just discovered a way to turn vegetables into candy! April Fools’ – but let’s keep the fun healthy!”
  37. “I’ve enrolled in a crash course to become a joke-telling champion! April Fools’ – but brace yourself for laughter!”
  38. “Breaking news: I’ve found a map to the land of endless laughter! April Fools’ – but you’re invited!”
  39. “I’ve decided to speak only in animal sounds today! April Fools’ – can you guess my first sound?”
  40. “I just heard the sun is taking the day off! April Fools’ – but let’s shine bright with our laughter!”

Enjoy spreading joy and laughter on April Fools’ Day!

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