Birthday SMS For Friend

In the tapestry of life, there’s a thread so dear,
A friend like you, forever cherished and near.
As the sun rises on this day so bright,
I send you poetic wishes, my guiding light.

Happy Birthday, dear friend, so true,
In this verse, I express my love for you.
With every rhyme and every line,
I hope your day is simply divine.

Your laughter, a melody, in my heart it plays,
In the symphony of friendship, you light up my days.
With each passing year, you only shine,
A treasure like you, forever mine.

Let’s celebrate your journey, the path you’ve walked,
In this poetic embrace, let’s have a heartfelt talk.
May your dreams take flight, like a bird in the sky,
As you spread your wings, let your spirit fly high.

Life’s a collection of moments, and in each one,
You’ve added joy, making it bright as the sun.
On this special day, as you blow the candles away,
May happiness and love with you forever stay.

So, here’s to you, my friend, on your birthday so grand,
In this poetic message, I take your hand.
With heartfelt wishes, I express my delight,
For a friend like you, brings purest light.

As the clock strikes midnight, and the stars start to gleam,
May your birthday be magical, like a beautiful dream.
With every stanza and every rhyme,
I wish you a birthday that’s truly sublime.

With poetic wishes and heartfelt delight,
[Your Name] celebrates you on this birthday night.
May your day be filled with love and cheer,
For a friend like you, holds memories dear.

🎂📜 Happy Birthday, my dear friend! 🌟🎁

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