Durga Puja SMS for Whatsapp

Top 10 Durga Puja SMS for Whatsapp


  1. In the embrace of Ma Durga’s might, darkness takes flight, and life feels just right. Happy Durga Puja!
  2. Let’s adorn our hearts with the colors of Puja, where love and unity shine through. Shubho Mahalaya!
  3. With the beat of the dhaak and the fragrance of Shiuli, Durga Puja whispers – a divine symphony.
  4. As the dhunuchi dances in swirls, may your life twirl in joyous curls. Happy Puja!
  5. May Devi Durga bless you with strength and grace, conquering every challenge you face. Shubho Pujo!
  6. In the rhythm of the dhak, feel the presence of Ma. Let’s celebrate this joyous saga. Shubho Mahalaya!
  7. Durga Puja, a time to unite, celebrate the triumph of good over spite. Wishing you a blessed Puja!
  8. Like the dhunuchi’s smoke, may your worries vanish, leaving only hope. Shubho Mahalaya!
  9. Let’s light the lamps of happiness, for Ma Durga’s divine presence and grace. Shubho Pujo!
  10. In the beats of the dhak and the chants of the shlok, feel the warmth of Ma Durga’s cloak. Happy Durga Puja!

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